Sunday, March 6, 2016

Asia - Europe

Traditional Korean gentleman's hat from the Joseon era

 Inspired by my contact with a very knowledgable, powerful , interesting and friendly Korean spirit, I've immersed myself in Far Eastern culture for the last few months ….. uh ….. maybe not just a few ...

Learning all about tea and tea ceremonies. Listening almost exclusively to Korean and Chinese music. Studying a little Chinese and Chinese calligraphy. Reading Mencius and Confucius. Learning to make dumplings (with not much success yet)

Very, very interesting to gain a little more understanding of this refined, very ancient culture!

This is a beautiful side of working with spirits. Learning new things, while bridging time and space.
Learning new old things that is, things that were once probably not so alien in this region either. This whole journey started when I discovered some striking similarities between Korean royal funerary customs and European bronze age burial mounts …

This morning my honourable spirit friend told me he really appreciates all my efforts to learn to understand his culture. But now it's time to do my own thing again as well, because our friendship was meant to be a two way bridge between cultures and he is also interested in the things that I do and know.
A true gentleman indeed :)

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