Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Seidhr Staff

Don't ask me why, but many years ago I wanted to visit Hel, the realm of the dead where the Goddess Hel is the hospitable ruler. Of course it had everything to do with my preoccupation with seidhr at the time.
I already knew other parts of the underworld, the misty realms where deceased and shamans can easily meet. But I wanted to go further.

I figured the best entrance would be the land of Lady Holda, Frau Holle, who I consider to be the same Goddess or at least an aspect of Hel.
So I jumped into the well and went to the beautiful green land with the apple tree and the oven. Every time I went there I got beautiful messages and had exciting adventures which gave deep insights, but I never made to the cottage. I did get very good at jumping in that well though.

I found a path leading into a forest, mountains in the distance and the landscape getting more and more rocky, but I lost my way every time I went there. After trying many times I got fed up and exclaimed "come on, isn't there anyone who can give me some help here?!" I looked down and saw a metal rod in my hand with a kind of open knob at the top, made out of twisted wires. It resembled a kind of scepter or jester staff but it was a bit longer.

The staff led the way, all I had to do was to follow it. And yes, I did find the cottage, but the door was closed. It took me another jump in the well to get there and find the door open. But with this magic staff in my hand it was no trouble at all to find it again. And after I had met the Lady who lives there, I got permission to go further, to go over the mountains and the staff led the way. I did find the realm of the dead and it wasn't at all easy to get in, it took several more jumps into the well. And it wasn't at all pleasant to be there. I do NOT recommend it!

It was more than a year later when I saw some pictures of metal objects, found by archeologists in Viking age graves, staffs with open knobs. And Neil Price - -claimed these not to be roasting skewers, but völva staffs. Can you imagine how shocked I was? And how delighted?!

 So when we started our practical seidhr research, one of the first things I did, was to make a metal staff like the one I was using in my trance journeys.
It is very thin and not very comfortable to hold in real life, so after a while I made an upgraded version, with wood inside the twisted metal wire. This was the best I could do, not being able to forge a proper one myself.  It works very well, I love it and I still use it for almost all my staff trances.

 I promise to write more about staff trance later.

I do hope that all my readers understand that this blog is mostly about trance experiences. I don't jump into wells in real life. Really I don't :-)
If you’re not familiar with the story of Frau Holle I'm refering to, you can find it here:


  1. In 2008 I attended my first big shamanic training - a two-week shamanic healing intensive taught by independent, non-Foundation folk. As part of their training they have a two-day toolmaking unit. the other student and i did many journeys to discover what tools were calling us to be made. One of my tools was a staff of Willow with a spiral cage with five pieces, and containing a crystal. I did succeed in making this difficult object, but didn't know what it was for.

    Fast forward to 2011 and my first seidr workshop. I found pictures of Volva staves on-line and was also shocked to see the similarities, even though mine is of wood and not of metal. For those of us with Northern European ancestry, this work is truly embedded in our blood!

  2. Isn't it just wonderfull how these things work!
    Thank you for sharing this story.

  3. Do read my article called "The Chicanery of Seiðr". It explains much of the deliberate distortion out there today on the subject matter.


    1. I did my very own practical (!) seidhr research, together with a friend. We were both experienced shamanic practitioners, but we had no idea about what others around the world were experiencing during their reconstructions of seidhr.

      What I describe in this blog ,all happened before we started this research. So this is 'normal neo shamanic trance work'.

      It was quite remarkable that some things that occurred during our seidhr experiments, were later confirmed by other practitioners. We ourselves had no idea what to expect beforehand and were rather shocked when certain things started happening.

      I'm not sure what point you would like to make here Rig. I have not yet had time to read your article, I just browsed through it. But at first glance I think I cannot agree with some of your statements, based on my experiences when I was 'going through the motions”.

      I would love to discuss this further, but it will have to wait some days, due to a busy schedule.